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Introduction of calcium silicate insulation products


Based on silicon oxide (quartz powder, diatomaceous earth etc.), calcium oxide (also use slaked lime, carbide slag etc.) and reinforcing fibers (such as asbestos, glass fibers etc.), through mixing, heating, molding, autoclave curing, drying and other processes, calcium silicate insulation material is made to be a new type of insulation material.

There has four kinds different types:

1. Asbestos calcium silicate: Its reinforced fiber is asbestos fiber.
2. Non-asbestos calcium silicate: Its main performances are good thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and linear shrinkage etc., better than asbestos calcium silicate. It is good to reduce the loss of construction and installation.
3. Lightweight calcium silicate: Its thermal conductivity, flexural strength and other properties are better than asbestos calcium silicate, in particular for 50% light density, available temperature also increase from 650 ℃ to 1000 ℃.
4. High-strength calcium silicate: It is made by hydration reaction between siliceous material and calcareous material, Tuobei Mullite stone as the main crystalline material. With adding adhesive and reinforcing material, its strength will be improved.
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