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Introduction of AZS brick


Fused Brick is also called fused zirconia corundum brick, often abbreviated as AZS. The process of electric casting brick is mixing the selected zircon sand with industrial alumina powder according to the rate 1:1. Adding the little Na2O(added with sodium carbonate form), B2O flux (added with borax or boric acid form), then well-mixed, casting molding after melting in the temperature of 1800~1900℃. The casting brick with 33 percent zro2 is made. On this basis,If you take the desilicon zircon sand as raw material, you can make the casting brick with percent of 36%~41% zrO2.

The zirconia corundum brick is refractory products with 33%~45% zro2 content which take the industrial alumina powder and selected zircon sand as raw material. It is mainly used in glass kiln.
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