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Slide gate plates used for different types of steel melting


The slide gate board in the use of high temperature molten steel was repeatedly, use the article very critical, erosion is serious, so it need has high strength, resistance to request skateboard erosion, spalling resistance, and good properties such as wear resistance, the mediator in the casting process card not leaking steel plate. Different material of skateboards brick is suitable for the different steel species, it is in the refractory industry and some steel enterprises become the consensus, including carbon board such as alumina, alumina zirconium carbon is suitable for most types of steel, but they do not apply to high oxygen steel and steel calcium treatment, on the other hand, the carbon skateboarding is suitable for the high oxygen steel, and calcium treatment generally applicable material for the steel carbon, alkaline materials, such as magnesia board. This is because of high oxygen steel oxygen ions of the carbon oxidation at high temperature, the carbon in the skateboard skateboards brick intensity due to loss of carbon combined with lower, the structure of the organization is loose phenomenon, erosion resistance, erosion resistance of skateboards brick slash, slippery the service life of the plank brick will reduce naturally. Calcium treatment steel in molten steel the existence of strong alkaline Ca2 + ions in the aluminum and carbon, alumina, zirconium carbonaceous Al2O3 react at high temperature low temperature phase formation, corresponding, alkaline materials skateboarding is more able to adapt to this kind of steel grade.
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