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The foundry-related characteristics of chromite sand


1.Excellent chilling performance, it can affect temperature gradient without decreasing heat cracks, promote directional solidification without using chills;

2.It is inactive, therefore it doesn’t react with metallic oxide and won’t be wetted by molten manganese steel. Chromite sand can be successfully used with manganese steel casting. If the painting of casting mould is good and with low silicon oxide, there won’t be iron olivine reaction;

3.Low linear expansion. Linear expansion is one of the factors that causes sand inclusion in casting mould. Therefore chromite sand can be used to mix green sand mold for heavy casting;

4.Through fine grain sintering, with chilling performance and high residue hot strength, chromite sand can eliminate metal penetration;

5.It is universal, can be used with all kinds of binding agent;

6.No harm for human health.
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