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Refractory materials for electric arc furnace working layer


For electric arc furnace, the key point effecting service life is working layer. Working layer would touch melton steel directly, where is of high thermal load, heavy chemical mechanical erosion. So high quality refractories should be adapted in working layer.

Regular lining method for EAF working layer is namely sintering, vibrating and brick-construction. For brick-construction method, asphalt binder magnesia brick is widely used. For sintering and vibrating method, magnesia sand with tar as refractory bonding agent are normally used. In nowever days, brick-construction and sintering method are gradually eliminated because of low service life and less applicability. For high power EAF, dry magnesia vibration mix is widely used. After powerful ramming and the density requirement, the mix can be sintered into overall under certain temperature, and a good service life can appear. In regular condition, service life of vibration mix can reach 300 heats. After one time hot-repairing, the service life can be as long as 500-600 heats. With this method, furnace stopping time would decrease, and steel unit cost would also low down by a large degree, then the steel plant profit would increase a lot.
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