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The problems in the use of tundish spray coating working layer


The problems in the use of tundish coating working layer and the superiority of tundish dry materials:

The tundish spray coating working layer has the following problems in use:

(1) Due to the relatively large impact of the environment, the water removal of the working layer should be considered in winter to prevent freezing;
(2) Poor construction conditions and high labor intensity;
(3) Cracks occur after natural health preservation or pre-baking;
(4) The phenomenon of collapse or peeling of the working layer occurs during the baking or pouring process;
(5) The corrosion resistance of molten steel and molten slag is unstable;
(6) Severe sintering will occur when the continuous casting time is long, and the package cannot be automatically unpacked.

Compared with spray coatings, tundish dry materials have the following advantages:

(1) The corrosion resistance of molten steel and molten slag is strong, and it can be poured for a long time, which reduces the cost of refractory materials per ton of steel;
(2) Cracks and baking collapse are not easy to appear;
(3) It can be used online after the construction is completed, which speeds up the turnover of the tundish and is beneficial to the production organization;
(4) The residual lining is easy to disintegrate and easy to unpack;
(5) The working layer is sintered layer by layer in the process of pouring steel. There is powdery material inside, and there is basically no hanging material and slagging phenomenon in the permanent layer, which is conducive to the improvement of the life of the permanent layer.
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