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Effects of blowing argon stirring


During the refining process of steel package, argon stirring is generally blown, which leads to the thinning of the slag diffusion layer at the refractory surface, so the erosion media diffusion accelerates, that is, the erosion speed becomes faster.If the sample rotates the erosion in the slag, the erosion velocity of the sample is proportional to the 0.7 times of the rotation velocity (J=A + Bn0.7) [4].However, blowing argon causes a reduced oxygen concentration on the surface of the steel-coated slag, and the argon gas itself is not corrosive to the furnace lining, so blowing argon can reduce the oxidation of carbon-containing refractory materials.Therefore, the impact of the steel package blowing argon on the lining refractory corrosion is not very serious.
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