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Raw materials for three refractory products of continuous casting


The three major parts refer to three functional refractories: stopper, long nozzle and submerged nozzle used in continuous casting production. In the "three major pieces" of continuous casting, except that a small amount of submerged nozzle is molten quartz, most of them are aluminum carbon materials. The main raw materials mainly include various corundum raw materials, fused magnesia, spinel, fused zirconia, fused quartz and fused mullite. The selection of main raw materials depends on different products and different parts. Generally, corundum or high alumina raw materials are used as the raw materials for the "three big pieces", and partially stable fused zirconia raw materials are used for the slag line. Corundum, fused magnesia, spinel and other materials can be selected for the plug rod head and the bowl of the nozzle according to the different steel grades of continuous casting, and quartz and mullite can be introduced as raw materials to improve the thermal shock stability. Generally, the raw material particle size of aggregate shall be less than 1mm.
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