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High alumina brick and alkali brick


High alumina brick
High alumina brick has high compressive strength, high refractoriness under load and good thermal shock resistance. Because of its low cost with high quality, it is widely used in varieties of cement kilns. When to be used in arch crown, calcined alumina brick is better.

High alumina bricks suitable for cement kilns include phosphate bonded alumina brick, phosphate bonded high alumina wear-resistant brick, anti-stripping alumina brick, chemically bound (special) alumina brick and general alumina brick and so on.

Alkali Brick Series
Alkali brick has excellent alkali corrosion performance, under certain conditions, it will react with the alkali compound kiln materials and kiln gas, rapidly forming enclosed type dense protective enamel layer on the turn, preventing the continuing internal mixing and bricks "base crack ", which is a indispensable kiln lining material in NSP kiln. This series bricks include ordinary alkali-resistant brick, high-strength alkali-resistant brick, insulation alkali-resistant brick and arch type alkali-resistant brick.

Changxing refractory provides refractory products, calcium silicate products, castable & mortar, china refractory brick, ceramic fiber felt, ladle & tundish nozzle, ceramic fiber with high quality for you. Such as high alumina refractory bricks, magnesia carbon brick, clay refractory bricks and other refractory products.
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