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Precautions for medium frequency furnace charge


Firstly,Ultra-high-strength lightweight ramming mass should be mechanically stirred when mixing, and forced concrete mixing should be used. Mixers, upper hoppers, weighing containers, etc. should be cleaned. The mixing time and the amount of liquid to be added shall be strictly in accordance with the instructions for the construction of the medium-frequency furnace neutral refractory material in the medium-frequency furnace.

Second, the mechanical equipment should be installed firmly, and the distance between the mechanical equipment and the pouring place should be as short as possible. Mechanical equipment should be used after inspection and adjustment.

Thirdly, Ultra-high-strength lightweight ramming mass must be measured according to the mixing ratio. The scales, measuring cups and measuring cylinders used must be verified by calculation. The various appliances used in the various construction stages of the ramming mass must be in good condition and kept clean.

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