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Performance advantages of corundum castables prefabricated parts


1. Advanced: The bottom of the ladle is lined with corundum spinel prefabricated bricks, which has a significantly improved performance compared with the traditional alumina magnesia carbon bricks, and solves the problem of low life of traditional alumina magnesia carbon bricks under LF refining conditions;

2. Comprehensive masonry realizes long life and economy of ladle: Since the refining of ladle is LF, it is necessary to ensure synchronization with the long life of the slag line. It also reduces the loss of refractory raw materials, taking into account the long life and economy of the ladle;

3. Small pollution to molten steel: The refractory material used is excellent in scour resistance and erosion resistance, and the amount of refractory material entering the molten steel per furnace is small, and the pollution to molten steel is small;

4. High construction flexibility and effective control of working time; high thermal intensity.

The corundum castable prefabricated parts are characterized by high-temperature strength, which is greatly improved compared with the previous precasts.

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