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Effect of magnesia on refractory materials


Magnesia properties are divided into chemical and physical properties. The chemical properties of magnesia mainly refer to MgO as the main component. Periclase MgO is one of the common minerals in cement clinker, therefore, periclase has good corrosion resistance to cement clinker.

The physical properties of magnesia make refractory materials in cement rotary kiln often exhibit the following phenomena:

1. The Periclase MgO has a high melting point, so many magnesia refractories have quite high temperature resistance;

2.The magnesia has good thermal conductivity. When the high-MgO refractory raw material is used and the kiln skin is not attached, then the surface temperature of the kiln body rises. At this time, not only the heat loss is large, but also the kiln body is easily burned out;

3.The Periclase MgO has a high thermal expansion coefficient, which causes the insufficient thermal shock resistance of the magnesia refractory material. During use, the magnesia refractory material often peels off.

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