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Repair of EAF bottom


All the steel slags should be tapped out before repairing EAF bottom. Apart from the slag tapping during oxidizing period, slags should be tapped out or into slag ladle after tapping of molten steel. Please pay attention to the following matters:

1.The charging amount of steel srape should be decrease before reparing EAF bottom, try not to charge dolomite.
2.The tapping temperature for the heat before repairing should be 30-70℃ higher than normal tapping temperature.
3.Adjust the fluidity in order to facilitate slag tapping.
4.If there is some slag remaining in the furnace, while waiting for ladle, slag melting for heat preservation should be done, which requires making the electrodes longer to avoid power transmission failure.
5.If the tapping of molten steel is not thorough, use steel billets to adhere the molten steel until there is no molten steel left.

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