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How to compound magnesia refractory mortar


Magnesia refractory mortar is used to masonry magnesia bricks or magnesia-chrome bricks.

Generally, magnesia refractory mortar is supplied in proportion by the supplier, and the builder adds the water glass with a density of 1.41 to 1.44 and can be used as a paste. If mud seams need to be widened, the grain size of magnesite can be properly increased; if the mortar condenses slowly, about 0.5% of Portland cement can be uniformly mixed in the dry powder to promote condensation. But one batch can not be too much to avoid condensation during use. Once condensation, add an appropriate water glass and mixed, and the mortar could be used again.

Magnesia refractory mortar is prepared at 8% to 10% of the volume of bricks used.

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