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Precautions when baking furnace


1. The furnace charge must be required, uniform medium and small refractory materials are needed, and the oven fabric must support the steel pan liner.

2. Carefully and carefully guarding the oven in the process of gradual feeding, and finding that the charge and steel pan are in time for fire treatment, the steel pan should be made to not melt before the molten steel is in place.

3. The first furnace of the oven should try to make the location of the molten steel close to the furnace mouth platform in order to facilitate the optimization of the sintered layer and to form the sintered layer of the upper furnace wall as much as possible so as to prevent the sand from falling when the upper mouth is not sintered to remove the residual steel pot. After the furnace is fused, the holding temperature must meet the requirements in order to increase the thickness of the sintered layer.

4. Barbaric operation is strictly prohibited.

5. Try to use less slag, more clean scrap, and use a slag treatment when the amount of slag is large.

6. Minimize soaking time when using high-Mn steel grades. Pay attention to the power supply curve of the cold furnace so as to close the cracks. Repair must be fine, as far as possible between the two refractory materials.

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