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Remarks for producing slide gate plate


1.Batching should be in strict accordance with weight ration, mixing should be even.

2.The temperature in edge runner-wet mill or intensive mixer must be controled to prevent it from going too high or too low, which could affect the mixture’s quality and moldability.

3.When moulding, the pressure should be small at the beginning and big at the end, exhaust should be done during to avoid slabbing. Check the bottom cover plate’s bending regularly to prevent deformation of slide gate plate.

4.Temperature-rising curve should be strictly complied with during heating, especially for the ones with zirconium. Be careful during temperature drop to prevent cracking.

5.Ensure planeness during grinding.

6.Slide gate plate should be handled with care during transportation and polishing, use wooden hammer instead of iron ones for fastening and banding.

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