Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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    Ceramic Fiber Blanket

    which can be widely used for industry kilns, and has good saving power effect. According to content, we develope four diferent kinds of pruducts, they are 1000 °C common aluminum silicate, 1200 °C high purity, 1200 °C high alumia and 1300 °C Zirconia bearing alumina silicate, and it also can be made according to your requirements.

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    1. Metallurgy Industry: heating furnaces,heat treatment furnaces and ladle insulated cover
    2. Mechanism industry: thermal insulation material for electric power boilers, gas turbine engine and nuclear power plant
    3. Petrochemical industry: the lining of high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in chemical fields,like converting furnaces, constant/reduced pressure furnaces, cracking furnaces, flue lining.
    4. Electroceramics: roller kilns,tunnel kilns ,shuttle kilns and other kinds of furnaces

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