Low Carbon Brick

    Specific Application:Used for sidewall, bottom and slag line of ladle for making low carbon steel and stainless steel.

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    Low Carbon Brick

    In order to solve the problems of thermal transmission of the ladle and carbon raising in molten steel, low carbon brick and carbon-free brick have been developed and are beneficial for improving steel quality. Low Carbon Brick and Carbon-Free Brick are applied to refining ladle for making mild steel, super low carbon steel and stainless steel.

    Low carbon magnesia carbon brick using with crystal magnesite, fused corundum, fused spinel, high purity and ultrafine graphite and nano composite antioxidant as raw materials, which are used for ladle slag line. Low carbon and carbon-free corundum spinel bricks are used for ladle lining and bottom. It can realize ladle low carbon and carbon-free to meet the needs of high grade and ultra-clean steel. The products are characterized by corrosion resistance, penetration resistance, erosion resistance, spalling resistance and good integrity, to meet the need of complete refining ladle. It is the leading level in the domestic.

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