Alumina Bubble Products

    Specific Application:Used for working layer and insulating layer of carbon black furnace, gasifier, gas furnace, hydrogen furnace, as well as shuttle kilns and other high temperature furnaces.

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    Alumina Bubble Products

    Alumina Bubble Brick and its products are a kind of high temperature resisting, energy saving insulating refractory material, the performance is stable in every using condition, especially the use in 1800℃ high temperature furnaces and kilns. Alumina bubble can be used as high temperature, ultra high temperature insulating fillers, insulating aggregates for high temperature refractory cement, high temperature castable, etc. Alumina Bubble Brick can be used in high temperature energy saving(>30%) down-draft kiln, shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, molybdenum wire furnace, induction furnace, nitriding furnace, etc.

    The product used the alumina hollow ball as the main raw material, high-performance powder as additives, and organic material from the temporary binding agent. After mixing, drying, forming, firing at high temperature shuttle kiln made. The material is widely used in carbon black furnace, gasifier, gas furnace, hydrogen furnace, as well as shuttle kilns and other high-temperature furnace equipment. Products, dimensions, physical and chemical indicators of useful life are up to customer requirements. The company produced lightweight insulation refractory material by its high purity, mechanical strength, and low thermal conductivity.

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    This product enjoys performances of purifying liquid steel, prevent liquid steel oxidation, with good liquid steel washing resistance and erosion resistance.

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