Sliding Mechanism

    Specific Application:Used to fix upper nozzle, lower nozzle and slide plate of ladle.

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    Sliding Mechanism

    Use nodular cast iron as raw material The sealing height is only 110mm.The fan-shaped plate is equipped with two slide plate block. The moving fan-shaped case handle can make one of the slide plate cast hole in working, and make another one moving to the other space of the equipment. At the same time, the moving out slide block can be changed.

    1. Slip sheet is force uniform have good stability.
    2. Slide gate lateral clearance self-regulating sensitivity is high.
    3. Increase the slip sheet's freedom, bottom slide can vertical-tuning
    4.Have double-sided tight pin; the gab of hinge lateral can be adjusted.

    The slide blocks thicknesses are heightened by this equipment which can be used as rapid nozzle-change mechanism. While add immerse nozzle at the bottom of slide block, the stopper can be replaced and protect the casting.

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