Aluminum Carbon Long Nozzle

    Specific Application:Ladle shroud is used to connect the upper part of the nozzle with the upper nozzle, and put the lower part directly into tundish, aiming at preventing oxidation of molten steel and its spatter.

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    Aluminum Carbon Long Nozzle

    Based on function categories, the Aluminum Carbon Long Nozzle(long nozzles) manufactured by Changxing Refractory are classified into refractory preheating nozzle, non-preheating refractory nozzle, argon blowing nozzle and not argon blowing nozzle, and based on material quality, nozzles mainly classified into aluminum carbon, aluminum-zirconium carbon and aluminum-magnesia carbon. This ladle shroud is provided with good liquid steel washing resistance performance and liquid steel erosion performance in the course of use, which can effectively prevent oxidation of air to liquid steel and its spatter.

    This ladle shroud enjoys performances of purifying liquid steel, prevent liquid steel oxidation, with good liquid steel washing resistance and erosion resistance.

    Physical and Chemical indexes:

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