Zirconium Sizing Nozzle

    Specific Application:Used in tundish to make common steel.

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    Zirconium Sizing Nozzle

    Changxing refractories Co,.Ltd can provide the technologically advanced, quality stable, service oriented alumina graphite to serve the casting and refining fields.

    1.Zirconium sizing nozzle are custom designed, made from alumina graphite materials isostatically pressed.
    2.The Alumina graphite shroud is designed to protect the molten steel from re-oxidization and splashing during casting, and most of these products are non-preheated and can be reusable; stopper rod is designed to control the molten steel & iron flow from the tundish to the mould for the purpose to keep the consistent level;
    3. To provide erosion resistant seat areas and anti-clogging properties in the casting channel.
    4. To ensure that there is no air ingress resulting in steel re-oxidation and nitrogen pick-up with consequent steel downgrading.

    Zirconium sizing nozzle enjoys performances of purifying liquid steel, prevent liquid steel oxidation, with good liquid steel washing resistance and erosion resistance.

    Physical and Chemical indexes:

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