Specific Application:Used for medium frequency furnace for making common steel, using 2 kg per ton of steel. Also used for metallurgy.

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    A substance added to molten metal for the purpose of removing oxygen. The first requirement of a deoxidizer is that it have an affinity for oxygen in molten copper. Probably the second most important requirement is that it be relatively inexpensive compared to copper and any other additions.

    The deoxidizer produced by our company can applied in different kinds of molten steel, and it holds the following advantages
    1. Reducing oxygen and other gases in molten steel
    2. Improving the liquidity to reduce the impurity
    3. Improving the alloy steel rate
    4. Reducing the dosage of alloy and reducing costs
    5. Can replace parts of calcium silicon and ferrosilicon

    Physical and Chemical indexes:

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