Tundish coating

    Specific Application:Easy to be painted, used at the wall and bottom of tundish. The max. thickness is 5 cm.

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    Tundish coating

    Coating for tundish is a substitute for thermal insulting plates to realize high-efficiency continuous casting, which is characterized by easy smearing, no cracks, corrosion resistance and easy disintegration, etc. Compared with thermal insulting plate, this product not only reduces the consumption of refractory per ton of steel, but also improves the purity and property of molten steel.

    Coating material is adopted in con-casting tundish working lining. This is a symbol of long service life for conticaster. The coating is suitable for all kinds of tundish working lining and is one of the most economical material for it. Long service life and easy dismantling after service.

    It can be used by mechanical gunning and manual smearing on working site. It has higher corrosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance

    Physical and Chemical indexes:

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