Electric Furnace Gunning Mix

    Specific Application:EAF Gunning Mix is used for hot repair of EAF slag line, side wall and tap hole etc. Alkaline in chemical properties. Start using the electric furnace after being repaired for 24 hours can the gunning mix get the best effect.

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    Electric Furnace Gunning Mix

    Changxing Refractory’s EAF gunning mix is made by high quality magnesia and magnesia-calcium material. It is characterized by high corrosion resistance, high adhesion rate and non-spalling. When the work temperature is higher than 1000℃, the EAF gunning mix could work well and the adhesion rate will be higher than 85%.

    Balanced wear
    Lower brick consumption
    Extended refractory life
    Increased productivity
    Lower rebound loss by using special binding systems

    Physical and Chemical indexes:

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