Mica Paper

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    Mica Paper

    Mica paper is made of high-quality phlogopite and synthetic muscovite paper, and is made of electroless alkali-free fiberglass cloth as reinforcing material, bonded with high-temperature silicone resin, baked at high temperature, dried and pressed.

    Excellent insulating property
    High temperature resistance
    Flexible fine tensile strength
    Good penetration and air permeability

    1.Insulation Materials. 2.Compared with the soft mica board, the finished product is dry, non-adhesive, and has good flexibility and softness. 3.Compared with the mica tape, the thickness of the mica paper is increased, and the single layer is more resistant to electric breakdown. 4.It has excellent electrical insulation performance and high temperature resistance and is especially suitable for high temperature insulation of various industrial electric furnaces, refining furnaces, induction furnaces, calcium carbide furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, ferroalloys, electric arc furnaces, etc. in steel, metallurgy and other industries. 5.Excellent high temperature insulation performance, the highest temperature resistance up to 1200 °C.

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